Melissa Blask

Melissa Blask

My name is Melissa Blask.  I am a project manager at an architecture firm and aspiring photographer.  As with many things in my life, I have no formal training in photography but a great passion for it.  Everything I know about photography it is self taught.  I began my quest in the photography realm in 2000 when I took a trip to Europe for Architecture school.  I had always loved black and white photos and felt the creativity of the perfect image was something I was capable of achieving.  Back then, my photography consisted only of architecture related elements and buildings.  Over the past year, I have become more aware of my passion for photographing people.  I tend to gravitate more towards photographing children because of the amazement they express over the simplest of things.  But I really just love capturing the raw emotion that is captured in sessions where people of all ages are doing ordinary activities, as opposed to being posed.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in a session, I would LOVE to hear from you!**

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Email us:  barefootsmiles@hotmail.com

Call us:  440.376.7375

*Outside of specified area will have an extra mileage charge.

**I do photos on location in lieu of a studio for the simple reason that I prefer everyone to be comfortable.  Children are most comfortable in their own homes and I feel senior pictures are best taken at parks.  The sitting fee includes all editing and posting of pictures.

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