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Elsa, Frozen II

H Family Fall 2019

K family

Baby B

B Family

L’s Senior Pictures

A & S 2019

A’s 1 yr Milk Bath

A & C 2019


K & Mama – 2019

S family

C family

M & Mama

P family

LR Senior Pics!

H Family 2018

S Family – new addition

S family reunion!

Tiny Baby A

B family maternity

Cinderella Before the Ball


W family 2018

W Family 2018


R family 2018

B Family 2018


J family 2018!

C family Christmas 2017

Protected: S family baptism

S Family Winter 2017

H family 2017

Protected: C’s 4th!

H Extended Family

M Family 2017


S & J Senior Pictures!

S family 2017

B Wedding

Natures Image Farm visit

Baby T


Fiala for Mayor!

E’s 2nd birthday!

Kyle is a senior!!!

Live Love Latch 2017

S family

Z maternity & family

Snow Belt Music!

Princess Belle!

D family 2017

C 1ST Birthday!

S family!

N Family Summer 2017

E in June…

K & Mama 2017

baby LF

Cinderella Cinderella!!!

E’s Easter egg hunt!

First Communion 2

First Communion 1

Light Footsteps Farm – Head shots

A&C Easter!

K’s 2nd birthday!

B Family Christmas 2016

A&C – winter 2016

Little E is growing up!

H Family and little E!

The C family

L & Sisters!

C family!

Lightfoots Farm Visit

Mother Rising Headshots

Elsa & Anna!

Baby C and big sis A!

O Family :)

J family 2016!

Live Love Latch!

Baby E, 1 year!!

Silly B!

N Family!


C family!

Adorable A!

Enchanted Encounters – Alice

K & Mama!

Enchanted Encounters – Ariel

G family 2016!

Entchanted Encounters – Elsa

Baby C & big sister A

2 girls…

E – 8 Months

M family maternity

L Family – group

S Family 2015

B Family

Itty Bitty Baby E

J Family 2015

V & A Wedding!